Woman engineer enacts rape drama to protest against parents

Coimbatore: A woman engineer who claimed to have been forcibly raped in her hostel room a couple of days ago, today retracted from her statement and said to have confessed that she enacted a drama, since her parents opposed her love affair.

The 24-year old woman, hailing from Erode have told her hostel mates that two persons had entered her room and after pushing clothes in her mouth a man sexually assaulted her. Hearing the incident, the parents took her to Erode.

As part of investigation, based on oral complaint, police brought the woman from Erode and made her to undergo medical test in the Government Hospital here, which confirmed that she was not not sexually assaulted, police said.

On further questioning, the woman said to have confessed that she had played a trick on her parents, who wanted to send her off marriage, after knowing that she was in love with a person, an engineer working in Tiruchendogu, but a different caste.

The woman also expressed regrets for enacting a drama, creating unnecessary problem to the department, they said.