Woman ends life for rejection of Visa Extension by US

Hyderabad: In the current events where Indians are being forced to return back to India by US Government, a depressed mother committed suicide after forcefully sending back to India.

The recent new rules being enforced by the US Government for the applications to grant visa and the extension of the H1B visa has shaken the aspirants hoping to go to US and the Indian citizens who has been working in US.

Reshma, 39, was married to Sanjeev Sharma, both natives of Faridabad, UP. His wife committed suicide after returning back to India, when her husband’s application for extension of his H1B visa was rejected by the US Government.

A mother of two was suffering from depression with the sudden changes happened in their lives. A month later after their return, when her husband and the two children went out to repair their laptop she committed suicide by hanging herself to fan here in Alkapuri Colony in Puppalaguda on Thursday.

Sanjeev who’s currently working in Raheja IT Park says, “My wife was very disturbed when she came to know about the status of my work permit. While she wanted to return to our native state either in Faridabad or Noida, I found a job here”.

The Narsingi Police booked a case of suicide, but did not find any suicide notes or such told by her Sanjeev. Rejection of the visa extension could not be the only reason says the Police.

“Recently there are many cases of non extension of work permits in the USA, particularly from firms in the Midwest. Many of the returned IT professionals have applied for new work permits in April 2017 and are keeping their fingers crossed. The process of lottery has begun and there will be many more broken hearts by the end of the month,” Krishna Reddy a Visa consultant in Begumpet.

He says there is no such thing to be depressed if the application is rejected once for the IT experts can have many different opportunities as well, as reported in Deccan Herald.