Woman drove her car on Railway Track, says GPS made her do it

US: In a bizarre incident, a Pennsylvania woman driver drove right onto railway tracks as the GPS navigated her on it. She said after she diverted off the road and her car got stuck on train tracks.

The City of Duquesne Police Department received a call at around 10 pm about a vehicle on the railway tracks.

The Police Department of Duquesne posted about the incident on Facebook last Wednesday, sharing a picture of the car on the train tracks. “The GPS told me to do it…” they wrote.

They post on the social media reads “Arriving Officers learned from the driver, a female from Sewickley, that her GPS advised her to go this way,” adding that the driver was “100% sober and had no medical conditions affecting her decision-making.”

Some trolled the woman while others supported her on Facebook, some said that GPS technology really can confuse the best of us.

One of the comments reads “Common sense would say GPS was wrong anyone knows driving on the tracks is wrong.” Another user wrote “Google maps suck sometimes for reals. She tells you to turn last second.”