Woman conned out 150 people, got arrested

Bengaluru: There is a swahili saying that a robber has 40 days. The law caught up a 26-year-old woman, who has conned at least 150 people in various parts of the country and has had several tangles with the police.

Kushbu Sharma, who hails from Jaipur in Rajasthan was arrested for cheating a city advocate on Friday, by the Pulakeshi Nagar police. She posed as a Supreme Court lawyer and met Sanketh Yenagi an advocate and expressed her wish to join his firm.

When she came to know that Sanketh was looking for a bigger office space, Kushbu offered to help him get an office on rent in UB City. She said Sanketh that her father was a retired IAS officer and owned a share in UB City.

Police said on October 28, Sanketh had an agreement with her and fixed the rent based on the percentage of profit he would earn from his work and they completed the formalities Sanketh has also paid her Rs 1.35 lakh.

After few days ago, Sanketh went to meet his associate in the court with Kushbu and asked her to wait in his car. By the time he return back he found her missing with his coat which had a wallet containing Rs 25,000, an iPhone and a suitcase with documents.

Sanketh tried calling her but her mobile was switched off. He went home surfed the internet, and discovered that she was a career con woman. A school dropout.

She posed as an IAS officer, CEO of a well-known software firm, a top celebrity and at times as daughter of a politician to cheat her victims.

Later Sanketh lodged a complaint and informed the police about her past record.

A senior police officer said.”Meanwhile, the police who were tracking her mobile phone found that she was travelling near Chittoor in Andhra Pradesh. But they lost the signal as she switched off the mobile phone. While Sanketh received a call from Kushbu from another phone number, she told him she wanted more money to refurbish the office and asked him to meet her. She had not realised that Sanketh by now knew her past.”

Sanketh asked her to meet him near his office in Pulakeshinagar. “On Friday evening, when she came to meet him, plainclothes men arrested her. She kicked up a ruckus claiming that she was from a well-known family and that they would land in the soup if they troubled her,” added the officer.

The police have recovered Rs 1.2 lakh from her and said that she had obtained a fake degree certificate and spoke fluent English. She used her attractive personality to cheat people in Mumbai, Pune, Rajasthan and other places.

She was arrested by several state police, but she came out on bail and continued cheating people. Recently she was also arrested by the Mumbai Police for cheating a man. said the police.