Woman allegedly paid Rs. 16 lakh to killers for husband’s murder, arrested

GURGAON: The 37-year-old man named Jogender Singh was found dead on Sunday in Gurugram. The body was tied with a rope and was kept in a cotton bag. There were several injuries on the body.

Subhash Bokan of Gurugram Police stated that “Immediately we quizzed his wife Sweety and brother,” she confessed that she had hired contract killers to kill her husband.

Earlier, the wife of the deceased had filed a police complaint that her husband had disappeared. Both the deceased and his wife belonged to a village in Haryana’s Jhajjar district.

Police said that the deceased’s wife had reportedly offered Rs. 16 lakh to kill her husband. A senior police officer stated that “Sweety sensed her husband had illicit relations with a woman and he would marry her and may transfer his property to her.”

On the night of January 15-16, Jogender Singh was beaten to death at his house following which his body was later dumped in the valley. Later on January 17, the wife of the victim registered an FIR saying her husband had gone missing.

Police have arrested seven people in this case including the wife of a man, for killing him brutally last week.