Woman accuses police staff of extortion, threatening her

New Delhi: A woman has accused the police staff of Jahangirpuri of allegedly extorting Rs 1 crore from a scrap dealer and threatening her to withdraw a complaint she made in connection with the case.

The complaint was made by Ashmina Sheika who owns a paan kiosk in Jahangirpuri area. In her complaint, she alleged that on November 14 she informed police about a scrap dealer who was hiding Rs 1 crore inside his home after finding a bag containing it, police said.

Following her information, the beat staff of her area conducted a raid at the scrap dealer’s home and he was taken to Jahangirpuri police station for further investigation, they said.

Next day, the woman got to know that the dealer was let off after staff of Jahangirpuri police station allegedly took the cash from him, they added.

She made a PCR call after which she was detained and taken to Jahangirpuri police station where she was allegedly threatened by the SHO who asked her to withdraw her complaint, they added.

She alleged that they offered her Rs 2 lakh to not reveal the incident. She then approached DCP (Northwest) Milind Dumbere today and submitted her complaint.

Dumbere said, “We have received her complaint and an inquiry has been initiated in the matter.