Wish my mother could see my success, says Sonu Sood

New Delhi: On his 42nd birthday on Sunday, actor Sonu Sood says he only wished he had achieved more success in his life earlier when his mother could see it happen.

Asked if he had to change something in his life, what would it be, Sonu told IANS: “I wish if I could have achieved more success in my life earlier when my mom could see that happen, she could have seen those movies, could see the success rate that happened after I lost her.”

The “Dabangg” actor says the only regret that he always has in his life is “whatever I achieve, how much ever I achieve, my parents are not there with me”.

Is it going to be a working birthday for Sonu?

“Yes, I will be travelling at the time of my birthday. I am planning a huge event in Abu Dhabi for a cause, so I believe it’s a good day to start with doing something for others. That’s how I will be celebrating my birthday this year.”

Sonu is not only appreciated for his acting skills, but also for his well-chiselled body.

Is it a pressure to look a certain way at his age?

“I don’t think there is any pressure.”

“I feel motivated everyday by seeing people and listening to them when it comes to fitness. One needs to follow strict discipline in the life to streamline it, so it’s not whether you are in this industry/ profession of an actor or an engineer or whatever you are doing it, but I think when you respect your body, when you take care of your body, I think everything falls in place,” he said.