If she wins, Clinton should cut ties with family foundation: Sanders

Washington: Senator Bernie Sanders on Sunday said Hillary Clinton “should cease all operations, all contact” with the Clinton Foundation if she wins in November.

Pressure continues to build on Clinton over allegations that special access was giving to foundation donors when she was Secretary of State.

On NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Clinton’s one-time rival was pressed on if that means the foundation should shut down entirely.

Sanders replied, “At the very least, she should not be involved. At the very least.”

However, Sanders conceded that he didn’t “know enough” to say if the foundation should be shut down during a potential Clinton presidency. He also acknowledged that the group does “a lot of good things with AIDS, and so forth”.

Separately, Sanders was asked if third party candidates, like Libertarian Party nominee Gary Johnson, should be able to participate in the presidential debates.

The Vermont senator said if “people reach a certain level” they should be included, but added the current 15 per cent standard is “probably too high” and “probably should be lower”.