Willem Dafoe to star in Disney’s ‘Togo’

Washington: Willem Dafoe is all geared up to play the lead role in Disney’s upcoming live-action movie ‘Togo’.

The movie is about two of the key figures in the 1925 Nome Serum Run i.e sled driver Leonhard Seppala and sled dog Togo.

Nome, a city of USA’s Alaska was a famous destination of the serum run. The city was suffering from harsh conditions of the epidemic when these dog sleds were key supporters in transporting diphtheria serum nearly over 700 miles.
The theme of the movie will showcase the uncertain friendship between the two leads. The dog became the leader of the sledge when he was five. He died when he was 16.

Ericson Core will direct the movie while Kim Zubick will serve as the producer of Tom Flynn’s script.

On a related note, Dafoe has received his third Academy Award nomination for best-supporting actor this year for ‘The Florida Project’. He was previously nominated in the same category for ‘Platoon’ and ‘Shadow of the Vampire.’
The flick is slated to hit theatres in late 2019.