Will waive-off all Chhattisgarh farmers loans: Rahul

Koriya: Charging the ruling BJP with creating two Chhattisgarhs, one of the rich and the other of the poor and exploited, Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Saturday assured that farmers’ loans would be completely waived-off within 10 days if his party came to power after the assembly elections in the state.

Campaigning for the second phase of the polls here, Gandhi targeted Prime Minister Narendra Modi over crony capitalism and Chief Minister Raman Singh and his family for corruption.

“Chhattisgarh was created so that it natural resources can be utilised for the welfare of the people but now we have two Chhattisgarhs – one of the rich, of those wearing suit-boot and the second of the masses, poor, marginalised, farmers and workers.

“We don’t want two Chhattisgarhs, we want justice,” said Gandhi, addressing a rally in this erstwhile princely state.

Claiming that Rs 3.5 lakh crore of corporate loans were waived off by the Centre, Gandhi demanded Modi answer why was not even a rupee of farm loans had been waived.

“I had asked Modi why was he not writing-off loans given to the poor farmers, but he never bothered to reply. So from here I declare that within 10 days of coming to power in the state, we will waive off loans of each and every farmer,” said Gandhi.

He said the waiver of farm loans will be offset by recoveries from fraudsters like Vijay Mallya, Nirav Modi and Mehul Choksi who, with the help of the Modi government, had defrauded banks of billions of rupees.

Sharpening his attack on Modi over demonetisation and the Rafale deal, Gandhi alleged that “thieves, with the help of the Modi laundered, their black money into white through demonetisation”.

“Modi now doesn’t talk about corruption because the entire nation knows that the chowkidar (watchman) himself is the thief,” said Gandhi, accusing the Prime Minister of “only lying before the masses”.

Gandhi attacked Chief Minister Raman Singh over a Rs 5,000 crore chit fund scam and a Rs 36,000 crore scam in the public distribution system.

“In the PDS scam, Rs 36,000 crore was siphoned off. A diary was seized where it was written that the money was given to CM Madam and Dr. Saheb. I want to ask Singh who is this CM Madam and Dr Saheb?”

The party chief also alleged that the Chief Minister’s son Abhishek has undisclosed offshore accounts as per revealations in the Panama Papers.

The second phase of Chhattisgarh Assembly polls in 72 constituencies spread across 19 districts will held on November 20.

The first phase of polling in 18 constituencies across eight Maoist-affected districts was held on November 12 . The results will be declared on December 11.