“Will Strip you off your Rank” threatens BJP leader to Police Officer

“This is Bharatiya Janata Party’s government”

New Delhi: Abuse of power and position by an arrogant BJP leader in UP is shocking the nation were the leader is publicly threatening an on-duty Police Officer of striping him off his rank during an oath-taking ceremony.

The shameful abusive use of power and position by Amit Chouhan son of BJP leader Rajpal Singh Chouhan is reported during the oath-taking ceremony of Block Development Officer Punam Devi.

The video footage was shared by news agency ANI, were the leader is threatening the cop to strip him off his rank.

“This is Bharatiya Janata Party’s government, if I find anything against you, I will get you stripped of your rank,” Amit yelled at the cop, News Nation reports.

While the frightened police officer replies respectfully asking him to find something against.

“Alright sir, alright. You go find wrong against me,” responded the cop.

According to the sources, the BJP leader Rajpal Singh Chohan and his son were invited to attend the oath-taking ceremony.

Well, we all know it is BJP ruling the Nation currently and what this party has successfully accomplished.

With communal clashes, radicalization, extremists exercising their so-called power has now become a common sight with this ruling party.