Will Smith shares throwback video of Jaden Smith

Washington D.C. [USA], Dec 13 (ANI): Praising and supporting his 20-year-old son, Will Smith shared a hilarious throwback video of Jaden Smith to celebrate the fourth year anniversary of his food and beverage company.

Taking to his official Twitter account, Will uploaded a four-year-old video in which the young teen can be seen drinking the first bottle of spring water that his company manufactured.

In the video, they explained that it is the very first bottle to be completed since they first came up with the idea. Jaden, being the one to first propose the eco-friendly beverage, said it tasted “great.”

The USP of the company’s success is the flavour of the water and it is also their environmentally friendly packaging, production and humanitarian efforts that contribute to its growth.

According to E!Online, word of Jaden’s involvement in the company was kept under wraps until this year, when Will revealed that they both are the founders of the successful enterprise. (ANI)