Will Rs 4k dole solve all problems of farmers? asks Kodandaram

Telangana Jana Samithi (TJS) chief Prof. M Kodandaram today said he was not able to understand whether the formation of Telangana State celebrations were State festival or TRS party festival.

After hoisting a national flag on the occasion of 4th formation day of Telangana state here at TJS office on Saturday, Kodandaram extended greetings to the people. Addressing the gathering later, he lashed out at the TRS government as there was no spirit of Telangana movement in the advertisements given to the newspapers except publicity of TRS government’s schemes. The TRS government was not ruling the State as per the aspirations of the Telangana movement.

The Telangana State government stood on top in corruption and illiteracy. There was no answer from the government on farmers’ suicides, Kodandaram said and questioned the State government whether all problems of the farmers will be solved with the Rs.4,000 per acre scheme. Alleging that Prof. Jayashankar’s aims were not being fulfilled, Kodandaram made it clear that TJS’ main aim was achievement of social Telangana. (NSS)