Will revolt against BJP if construction of temple doesn’t begin before 2019: Sakshi Maharaj

Lucknow: The controversial MP of BJP Sakshi Maharaj has issued a provocative and threatening statement on the issue of Ram temple. Showing rebellion, he said construction of Ram temple will begin after December 6 at any cost, either Supreme Court judgment comes in our favour or not, the government brings ordinance or not. He warned the BJP and central government led by the party that if the construction of Ram temple doesn’t begin before 2019, he will not hesitate to revolt against the party and will stand with Hindu saints ion the issue.

Unnao MP Sakshi Maharaj said BJP should not forget that if it is in power it is because of Ram Ji’s blessings and relentless struggle and support of Hindu saints. Sakshi Maharaj who was in the forefront in Ayodhya movement said that Hindu saints in the recently held meeting in the new Delhi had urged the government to bring ordinance as it passed in Shah Banu and SC-ST case.