Will rebuild trust in institutions like Supreme Court: Rahul Gandhi

Dubai: ‘We will rebuild trust in our institutions like RBI, ECI, Supreme Court who are under systematic attack by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi led Central government, said Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Saturday.

Launching a scathing attack on Prime Minister Modi, he once again invoked Rafael deal and Demonetisation and said, “The watchman instead of doing his job is stealing. We have a wonderful watchman. This is just the starting, only a trailer. When people will see the truth of demonetisation and Rafael, people will know. The Prime Minister cannot run away from the truth.”

Addressing a press conference in Dubai, the Congress chief also endorsed the idea of having a peaceful relationship with Pakistan and said, “I am all for a peaceful relationship with Pakistan, but, I will absolutely not tolerate violence being carried out on innocent Indians by the Pakistani side.”

He also criticised the Centre dubbing demonetisation and the Goods and Services Tax (GST) as “ill-advised economic policies”.

“India is facing a 14-year low with regard to investments. A couple of ill-advised economic policies like Demonetisation and GST have vitiated the atmosphere. We will put an end to the anger that has been spread by BJP. The priority today is that current government is failing and we have a massive unemployment crisis. Demonetisation by Prime Minister Modi was a rash and irresponsible action. He was directly responsible for the decimation of the informal sector,” he said.

Rahul was on a two-day visit to Dubai, where he addressed Indian diaspora yesterday and met with the Vice President and Prime Minister of UAE, HH Sheikh Mohammed.