Will not spare those involved in the murder of party MLA: TMC leader Banerjee

Kolkata: Enraged at the murder of TMC party member MLA Satyajit Biswas, party leader Abhishek Banerjee on Monday said those involved in the conspiracy of killing of MLA Satyajit Biswas will not be spared and that they “will be pulled by the collar and brought back to Kolkata” even if they have escaped from the city.

“If someone feels that he can escape after the killing of TMC MLA Satyajit Biswas from Krishnaganj, then he is living in a fool’s paradise,” Banerjee told after visiting the family of the deceased MLA, PTI reports.

“If someone thinks that he can run away to Delhi and escape the law, then he can rest assured that we will pull him by his collar and bring him back to Kolkata,” he said.

BJP leader Mukul Roy and four others were booked on Sunday in connection with the MLA’s killing in Nadia district.

BJP leader Roy who is currently in New Delhi. He has denied the allegations made by TMC.

When contacted, Roy said: “The allegations against me are baseless and politically motivated. I am contemplating legal action. He (Banerjee) didn’t name anyone so I won’t say anything … But I will say that wherever TMC leaders and cadre are being murdered, they are blaming the BJP. They (TMC) should first try to control their infighting”.

Mr. Roy is a former TMC MP and right-hand man of Mamata Banerjee. He went on to join BJP in the year 2017 after his after soured with the chief minister.

Meanwhile, BJP has also denied patty’s involvement in the recent killing of Biswas.