Will not hesitate to throw you out if you disrespect A-G: SC judge to lawyer

NEW DELHI: Some dramatic exchanges witnessed between advocate Utsav Bains and the bench, especially Justice R F Nariman in Wednesday’s hearing in Supreme Court on the sexual harassment allegations against the Chief Justice of India.

Advocate Bains submitted the material evidence in sealed cover in support of his claims that there was a plot to frame Hon’ble CJI Ranjan Gogoi into the case of sexual harassment.

Justice Mishra told Attorney General K K Venugopal that the court would like to hear him on advocate Bains and Attorney General expressing doubts about Bains’s claim of privilege made the latter lose his temper following which the session witnessed some dramatic exchanges.

The bench of Justices Arun Mishra, R F Nariman and Deepak Gupta especially Justice Nariman warned advocate Bains that the court will not hesitate to throw him out if he disrespects Attorney General.

“You have no right to doubt him (Attorney General). He’s the senior-most and most respectable member of the bar. We all look up to him. If you say doubt, we will throw you out”. Justice R F Nariman told advocate Bains, ” reported Live Law.

At this, Bains replied: “I respect the A-G. I was only responding to personal attacks. Since Justice Nariman has decided to throw me out, I will walk out myself. I am deeply hurt.”

Justice Nariman later added: “He (A-G Venugopal) is the greatest gentleman in this court. We all learn from him.”

At this juncture, Justice Arun Mishra intervened to cool tempers and advised Bains, “You are a young man. Don’t take things to your heart. He(J Nariman) didn’t mean he’ll throw you out. He was communicating his anger.”

The bench asks advocate Bains to file affidavit on allegation that the disgruntled employees of the SC had tried to frame the CJI.