Will not be a victim, nor will I chose to be the second Gouri Lankesh: Prakash Raj.

Prakash Raj in an interaction with the media said that the people behind the ones who commit crime in the name of Hindutva should be punished. He calls them cowards as they hide behind the poor and the needy and provoke them to commit such crime. If there is a need to react and if the religion is really in danger why don’t the people themselves come forward he asked. Prakash Raj is warned by the Intelligence team to not have a routine life style as there could be danger.

The actor questions the nation that who has brainwashed the youth in India that they have so much hatereade in their hearts. The ones behind the crime should be held, and for the ones who call me against any particular religion, I ask you who has given you the right to spread such threat, hatereade, and violence he asked. He also added that he is not against any particular community or religion, he is against the Ideology of spreading violence in the name of religion.

I am not afraid of any threats, but will be cautious as I don’t want to be the other Gauri Lankesh he said, adding that the voice that I raised will now get more intense as nobody can stop me. I will not be a victim. People today are more live and are able to understand what’s happening around, and I want them to ask a question to themselves that how long will this continue for?

We don’t want a nation that is full of hatereade, and anybody who intends to do so in the name of any religion should be condemned and stopped said Prakash Raj.