Will not allow rumours being spread to incite violence in Bengal: Mamata

Kolkata: Slamming the central government for “making false promises”, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Friday accused the BJP and the RSS of spreading rumours to incite violence in the state and also said her government would not allow this.

Banerjee said that she would not allow any divisiveness as people of all religions are human beings.

“Even today, I have heard about violence in housing near Kona expressway. Rumours are being spread by the party people of BJP and RSS. Terror cannot prevail. We respect Hinduism but people who kill others in the name of the religion, cannot call themselves the lovers of Hindus, Muslims or Sikhs or Christians,” she said.

“I want to ask whether the brothers, sisters, students, farmers have trust in me. I just want to ensure that I will do everything but will not allow anyone to spread communal violence,” Banerjee said while inaugurating Rani Rashmoni Green University and Mati Utsav celebrations.

She said the Trinamool government has been in power for years but “can anyone point out if we had ever touched a single Temple, Mosque or Gurudwara”.

“We have developed various premises of different religions. We don’t break them,” Banerjee said, adding that attempts are being made to incite communal violence ahead of the upcoming elections.

She added: “Today’s saffron-donning people must learn ‘sacrifice’ from the saints of the Ramakrishna Mission who wear saffron.”

“By spreading rumours in the state, some political parties are trying to fulfil their agendas,” she said.

The Kolkata police has been asked to take strong action against the miscreants who try to spread rumours.

About 40 people have been arrested in such incidents and 22 cases have been lodged, officials said.