Will do all necessary to curb ‘terrorism’, ‘militancy’ in B’desh: PM Hasina

Dhaka : Stating that Islam is the religion of peace, Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina today said that her government will do whatever necessary to curb terrorism and militancy in her country.

“Bangladesh government is determined in this regard. Islam is the religion of peace. We will always try to take this peace-loving religion to new heights. Our government will do whatever necessary to curb terrorism and militancy,” Daily Star quoted her as saying.

Hasina was responding to a query by a lawmaker’s in the parliament.

“Our government has taken the decision to show zero-tolerance against militancy and terrorism. In no way shall we allow these militants and terrorists,” she added.

Hasina said that she spoke of a united stand of the Muslim Ummah against militancy and terrorism to the King of Saudi Arabia, the OIC and other Muslim countries.

“The Saudi government has taken an initiative to fight militancy and terrorism. Bangladesh has joined the Islamic coalition. Almost 40 Muslim countries are in the coalition. It paved a way for the Muslim world to unite. Bangladesh has taken up this opportunity,” she said.

Bangladesh in recent months have witnessed a spate of murders of bloggers with secular or atheist leanings, non-Muslims, members of the LGBT community, and other progressive or liberal thinkers.

More than 50 people have been killed in the country, often through machete attacks and these killings were subsequently claimed by IS or Ansar al-Islam, a Bangladeshi militant group linked to Al-Qaeda, but their involvement has not been established.

The government, however, denies the presence of both groups in the country. (ANI)