Will Modi be reelected? Significant changes in public opinion from 2014 to 2019

Hyderabad: Will Modi be reelected for the prestigious position of Prime Minister of India? If so, on what qualities will he be acceptable to the citizens of the country?

Reviewing the political thoughts, the changes taking place in public opinion and increasing communalism, it is being said that in 2014 also Modi did not have a distinct identity of a noted political leader but the increasing Hindutva mentality chose him as Prime Minister. It is most unfortunate that due to the wrong policies of the person occupying the post of PM, country has reached this drastic situation.

In order to ensure the development of India, during his 10 year tenure, Dr. Manmohan Singh took many steps but due to the irregularities of certain leaders of UPA, public was forced to neglect those developments.

Political experts opine that despite the prevailing political situation of the country, if a decision is taken to appoint Modi as PM, it would be disastrous for the country as he is responsible for all the ruins in the country in the past 4 years.

After BJP assumed power in the Center, the prevailing communal tension has increased to such a level which has never been part of Indian history.

In order to deal with the present situation, it is essential that communal elements are set aside.

Youths of the country had high hopes that they would get more employment opportunities but during the past 4 years, it did not happen.

–Siasat News