Will Madame Tussauds think to redesign Nicki Minaj’s `waxy self`?

Melbourne, Aug. 20 : Nicki Minaj’s wax figure seems to have attracted the evil intentions of her fans following which Madame Tussauds has decided to think of re-designing the rapper’s statue.

According to sources, the 32-year-old rapper’s wax statue has attracted a large number of tourists, who were seen clicking explicit pictures with the figure, News.au.com reported.

Sources further said that one particularly disturbing image, which shows a fan imitating intercourse with the figure, has caused the wax museum to issue an apology.

In a statement, the museum said they are aware of the inappropriate behavior of one visitor and added that they would apologise for any offense this has caused.

Museum further said that it will not be Minaj’s figure that will be altered but just the ability of people to get near it and do things to it will get altered.

Meanwhile, the rapper has said that she loves her wax figure in Instagram posts. (ANI)