Will jam Rajasthan-Haryana highway, if justice is denied: Mev panchayat

New Delhi: Mev district Panchayat authorities called an emergency meeting the other day in connection with Rakbar lynching incident. Spokesman of Alwar district Panchayat Qasim Mewati told that the whole community is angry over Akbar Khan’s killing. A meeting was held in this connection which was chaired by Sarpanch Mev Panchayat Mohammed Sajid Khan.

It was unanimously decided in the meeting that voice will be raised against local MP Dr Karan Singh Yadav, besides rowdyism of RSS, VHP and Bajrang Dal. In the light of the controversial remark made by local MLA Gyan Dev Ahuja, the government was urged to book a case against him on the charges of supporting the accused. He should also be made accused in Akbar Khan killing case, they said.

They also demanded the immediate release of compensation, action against the perpetrators and also police officers responsible for it.

According to Qasim Mewati the Panchayat decided that the time has come that all should get united to give a reply to RSS’ mob violence. Panchayat also decided that if the government doesn’t fulfil its demand then they would soon jam the Rajasthan-Haryana highway.