Will hunt down and destroy ISIS at its source: Mike Pence

Washington: The US will hunt down and destroy the Islamic State terror group at its source so that it can no longer threaten the country and Americans, Vice President Mike Pence has said.

“We will hunt down and destroy the ISIS at its source so it can no longer threaten our nation or our families,” Pencesaid in his address at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Washington on Thursday.

“We’re going to start off by rebuilding the American military. We’ll restore the arsenal of democracy. We’ll provide our soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marines, and Coast Guard with the resources and training they need to accomplish their mission and come home safe,” he said.

Pence said the Trump Administration is going to get this economy moving again by cutting taxes for working families, small businesses, and family farms.

“We’re going to keep rolling back job-killing regulations and we’re going to rescind unconstitutional executive orders signed by Barack Obama,” Pence said.

The signature affordable health care of the former US President Barack Obama would be replaced in an orderly manner so that the health care cost of common man comes down, he said.

“Under President Donald Trump’s leadership, we’re going to continue to rein in wasteful government spending and restore fiscal responsibility to Washington D C,” the Vice President said.

“We’ll enact real education reform that gives families more choices. It recognises that education is a state and local function, and under President Trump, no state will ever be forced to adopt the Common Core,” he added.

Amidst applause from the audience, Pence said Trump is putting America first and putting Americans back to work already.

“He’s rebuilding the military and putting our enemies on notice. He’s supporting law enforcement and ending illegal immigration once and for all,” he said.

“He’s rolling back big government and slashing through red tape. He’s upholding the Constitution, restoring the culture of life, and President Trump is leading the fight to repeal and replace Obamacare. Let me assure you, America’s Obamacare nightmare is about to end!,” Pence said. Pence said Trump is a man of his word.

“We are keeping the promises he made to the American people. Over at the White House, I like to say we’re in the promise-keeping business these days. You know, when President Trump asked me to chair the transition, he looked at me and just said, ‘Mike, just get me the best.’,” he said.

He rued that the media, the elites, the insiders, everybody else who profits off preserving the status quo, they dismissed Trump every step of the way.

“And in dismissing him, they also dismissed millions of the hard-working, forgotten men and women who make this country great. And worse yet, they’re still trying to dismiss him. They’re still trying to dismiss all of us,” he said.