Will Govt intervene, order probe? Casting Couch issue turning Murkier and Murkier!!

Hyderabad: The “casting couch” controversy unleashed by actress Sri Reddy against the Telugu Film Industry seems to be getting murkier and murkier as the issue is not only getting diverted but washing dirty linen in the open seems to have become the order of the day.

Sri Reddy with her half-naked protest before the Film Chamber claimed to highlight the pathetic conditions of Telugu female artistes due to the alleged prevalence of “casting couch” in the Telugu Film Industry. Though her controversial and unorthodox form of protest has taken the film industry by a storm, the issue began to get diverted and even politicized by vested interests.

What is more depressing is that while some prominent persons even tried to hog limelight by raking more controversy, others tried to drag the family members into the controversy. Allegations and counter allegations have become the order of the day and even police cases have been launched against one another.

It might be mentioned here that the Telugu Film Industry seems to be in the news for all the wrong things. First, it was the drug scandal that dented the image of the film industry and now the casting couch allegations has adversely affected its reputation. These unwanted controversies besides harming the interests of the Telugu film industry, has also damaged the prestige of Telangana State.

Thus one is aghast as to why the state government has been remaining silent all these days when the casting couch saga of the Telugu Film Industry has become a talking point all over the nation. When the drug scandal rocked the state with the involvement of noted artistes of the Telugu Film Industry, Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao directed the authorities concerned to deal firmly with the drug mafia and ensure that the evil is completely eradicated.

However when the present allegations of “casting couch” is raising a stink and thus affecting the very image and reputation of the state, one fails to understand why there is no intervention from the state administration to prevent a “dirty picture” getting painted about the state. Will the Chief Minister act before it is too late and order a thorough investigation into the entire affair not only to prevent further exploitation of the hapless female artistes and others but also save the reputation of Tollywood.

TRS leader P L Srinivas too expressed concern and anguish over the raging controversy about the “casting couch” affecting not only the reputation of the Telugu Film Industry but also damaging the name of the Telangana State. He wanted a thorough investigation into the entire controversy and putting an end to any sort of exploitation in the film industry. He also felt that if need be the stringent law should be enacted to ensure the safety and protection of female artistes and at the same time bring to book the “casting couch” culprits. (NSS).