We will find, destroy you: Donald to terrorists

In a strong message to terrorists planning attacks against the US, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has vowed to “find and destroy” them and asserted that he will focus on “radical Islamic terrorism”.

“I have a message for the terrorists trying to kill our citizens: we will find you, we will destroy you, and we will win,” Trump yesterday said at an election rally in Charlotte, North Carolina.

“On terrorism, we are going to end the era of nation-building and instead focus on destroying ISIS and Radical Islamic terrorism,” he said.

“We will use military, cyber and financial warfare and work with any partner in the world, and the Middle East, that shares our goal of defeating terrorism,” Trump said.

He said that if he wins in the November general election, he will temporarily suspend immigration from any place where adequate screening cannot be performed.

“All applicants for immigration will be vetted for ties to radical ideology, and we will screen out anyone who doesn’t share our values and love our people. Anyone who believes Sharia law supplants American law will not be given an immigrant visa,” Trump said.

“If you want to join our society, then you must embrace our society, our values and our tolerant way of life. Those who believe in oppressing women, gays, Hispanics, African-Americans and people of different faiths are not welcome to join our country,” he said.

“We will promote our America values, our American way of life, and our American system of government which are all the best in the world,” he said.

Trump also alleged that his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton is “running to become America’s Angela Merkel”. “We have seen how much crime and how many problems that’s caused the German people. We have enough problems already, we don’t need another one,” he said.

“On trade, we are going to renegotiate NAFTA, withdraw from the TPP, stand up to China on our terrible trade agreement, and protect every last American job. Hillary Clinton has supported all of the major trade deals that have stripped this country of its jobs and its wealth,” he said.

“On taxes, we are going to massively cut tax rates for workers and
small businesses – creating millions of new good paying jobs. We are going to get rid of regulations that send jobs overseas and we are going to make it easier for young Americans to get the credit they need to start a small business and pursue their dreams,” Trump said.

The Republican presidential nominee who has a very popularity ratings among the African Americans sought one chance from them.

“African-American voters give Donald Trump a chance by giving me their vote, the result for them will be amazing. Look at how badly things are going under decades of Democratic leadership – look at the schools, look at the 58 per cent of young African-Americans not working. It is time for change,” he said.

“What do you have to lose by trying something new? – I will fix it. This means so much to me, and I will work as hard as I can to bring new opportunity to places in our country which have not known opportunity in a very long time,” Trump said.

“Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party have taken African-American votes totally for granted. Because the votes have been automatically there, there has been no reason for Democrats to produce,” he said.