Will the entire India become ‘Gujarat of 2002’?

Zafar Agha

It’s really shocking that, riots sparked off last week, on the occasion of Muharram and Durga Puja at nearly 24 places in Bihar, the state which had not witnessed any major Hindu-Muslim riot during the last 3 decades. Not only Bihar but Hindu-Muslim riots took place on the issue of Muharram procession in nearly 6 places in Uttar Pradesh including Kanpur. This proves that riots do not occur but are organised and are politically motivated.

If one does political analysis of the riots, right from post-Babri riots in 1992 to Gujarat riots in 2002, one would find that every major riot benefited BJP. For example after Babri Masjid demolition, BJP’s Lok Sabha seat count increased. Similarly after Mumbai riots in 1993, BJP and Shiv Sena alliance succeeded to form government for the first time in 1995. Following Gujarat carnage, Modi became Chief Minister of Gujarat thrice and later became prime minister of the country in 2014. In a nut shell riots are a major weapon for BJP to come to power.

Now that BJP is in power at the centre, Yogi’s trumpet blows in UP and BJP has managed to form coalition government with Nitish Kumar in Bihar, then where is the need to organise riots in Uttar Pradesh? This is because Modi government has completely failed on economic front. Indian economy is breathing its last. Instead of providing employment to youth, many youth lost their jobs. Due to demonetisation and GST many big companies are forced to shut down. All these have hit Modi badly on political front.

If you study the students’ union election results in various universities, held in September, ABVP wing of BJP has faced very badly everywhere, be it JNU (Delhi), Delhi University, Punjab University in Chandigarh, Tripura University or the Hyderabad University. This clearly indicates that youth now have no faith in Modi.

Not only in students’ union elections but BJP is facing defeat everywhere. BJP faced badly in the bye- elections of Delhi. The party also received a setback in Municipal elections of Gurgaon. Recently in Jaipur municipals bye election Congress defeated BJP with a margin of 5000 votes.

After the failure of development card, Modi has only one card left with him; which is religion card. If by killing 2000 Muslims in Gujarat he could remain in power for 15 years, he can also use the same tactic to remain in power at the centre for 15 years and make India a Hindu Rashtra.