Will crush those acting against Constitution: Fadnavis

New Delhi: Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis on Saturday said he is acting against the people who are against the Constitution, irrespective of their political or ideological leanings.

“I am going to crush them… That is my ‘Rajdharma’. That is what I am doing. I don’t recognise extreme right or extreme left,” he said at the Hindustan Times Leadership Summit here.

“I am bound to act against an individual or an institution which is acting against the Constitution. They may belong to any class, may belong to any caste, any religion, any institution, they may have any leaning, but I am going to crush them.”

Fadnavis said the arrest of five rights activists was not a political witch-hunt.

Had it been a political witch-hunt, the Supreme Court would not have rejected the petition filed by “so many pseudo-liberals”, he said.

He said the Bhima-Koregaon incident was a larger conspiracy to pitch two communities against each other to “create civil war-like situation”.

“These designs are out now. After our crackdown, we have ample of evidences. They have been plotting similar things at several places and they are in direct contact with the Maoists, who are actually fighting against the system in Gadchiroli or Jharkhand or Chhattisgarh. So it is a larger conspiracy,” said the Bharatiya Janata Party leader.