Will Congress break up with Badruddin Ajmal?

New Delhi: The Congress leadership will take the final decision on the state committee’s decision to break the alliance with Badruddin Ajmal’s All India United Democratic Front (AIUDF) in Assam.

On this issue, the state leader in charge Bhanwar Jitendra Singh met PCC Chief Bhupen Borah in Delhi.

The state committee may have announced to break the alliance, but it seems the party is in turmoil in view of Ajmal’s participation in almost every meeting of the opposition called by Congress.

Congress leaders including PCC Chief Bhupen Borah from Assam met with the in-charge in Delhi after the unilateral announcement of breaking the alliance with AIUDF.

It was decided in the meeting that the opinion of the leaders of the state would be conveyed to the high command and after that, the decision would be taken by the leadership, said party sources.

The state unit had announced to break the alliance by accusing Ajmal’s party of internal collusion with the BJP.

It seems that Congress leadership is in a dilemma over the decision of the state unit. The reason for this is that Ajmal’s Congress has always been supported at the national level. AIUDF has always come up on the platform of Opposition with the Congress party at the national level and has attended every meeting called by Congress.

Also, Congress does not want to take the charge of breaking the unity of the opposition at the national level. This is the reason why no decision has been taken so far. Bhanwar Jitendra Singh has spoken to the high command to take a decision.

Bhupen Borah met with Bhawar Jitendra Singh and General Secretary Organisation KC Venugopal too. According to the opinion of the state unit, the party will benefit from going to the elections alone. But at the National Level with the bunch of Opposition unity, Congress top leadership is yet to take a call on this as the reaction of AIUDF is foremost expected on the action which will be taken by the Congress party.

Although a leader in the party said it’s possible just like the case in West Bengal where the state unit fought the assembly polls against TMC but at the national level both the parties were on the same platform.