Will confer highest state honour on officers, if Centre takes away medals: Mamata

Kolkata: At a time the Centre is considering action against police officers who were involved in the face-off between the Kolkata Police and CBI officials, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Friday said her government would confer the highest state honour, if the Central government takes away medals from them.

According to Ministry of Home Affairs sources, the government has decided to take stern action against five senior police officers who participated in a street protest with Banerjee and is planning to withdraw the medals given to themA for meritorious services.

“I will give these five senior officials the highest state honour, if the Centre takes away their medals. Also, I will send a strongly-worded letter, if they send me one,” she said.

Banerjee also described the Centre’s plan as a part of “campaign” before polls, and said the Centre cannot take action against them.

“This is about campaigning. Police officers are under the state government. They (the centre) have no moral authority to say all this. They cannot take any action against my police officers. Law and order lies with the state government.

“A campaign is going on and if they take any action against my officers, all the officers in this country is together. I am telling you,” Banerjee said.

At the time of election, “they are doing this to stop our political voice but they cannot stop all political voices and this is nuisance”.

She asked what action has been taken against the “accused” BJP leaders who allegedly took money from chit funds”.