Will complain to Election Commission on data theft: Chandrababu Naidu

Amaravati: Condemning the IT raids at the company that provides app services to Telugu Desam Party (TDP), Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu on Monday said that his party will complain to the Election Commission of India on data theft issue.

“TDP data comprises the details of a welfare fund for party activists. Details of party activists’ insurance are also there in that data. That data is a result of 24 years of hard work of our party. Party data is our asset.

It is an offence to steal it. There is data of 70 lakh workers and no government has the right to steal that data. We will complain to the Election Commission of India on the theft of our data,” said Naidu while addressing a teleconference with party leaders, public representatives and booth conveners.

Condemning the raids, he raised the issue of state jurisdictions. “When the asset is in Andhra Pradesh, how can a theft case be filed in Telangana? How can cases be registered in Telangana against those who work for TDP in Andhra Pradesh?” said Naidu.

He added, “Is this the return gift Telangana CM K Chandrasekhar Rao was speaking about? Does anybody give a gift or return gift with the vendetta? We are ready to take any number of such return gifts but it is not the right conduct to steal our data and give it to our political rivals. They (YSRCP) are filing cases on TDP in Telangana region out of frustration. They are afraid that they have to face public opposition if they file cases in Andhra Pradesh.”

Asserting that his government has interlinked welfare of the poor with technology, Naidu further added, “I built up technology-based systems in the government as well as in the party. We are providing corruption free rule and transparent governance with the help of technology. YSRCP chief is conspiring against us from Hyderabad and Telangana Chief Minister KCR is supporting him.”

Andhra Chief Minister Naidu also outlined the concerns that alleged cyber conspiracies can have on the IT companies based in Hyderabad and said, “With such cyber conspiracies, YSRCP and TRS have pushed Hyderabad into a situation of uneasiness. Now commercial organizations have no safety in Hyderabad. Today raids are done on the companies which are providing services to TDP. Tomorrow all companies in Hyderabad may face similar raids. YSRCP and TRS are making IT companies’ scapegoats in their conspiracies.”

He also alleged of Prashant Kishore having a role in the IT raids and accused him of giving ‘criminal advice’ to YSR Congress.

Launching a scathing attack on Jaganmohan Reddy, Naidu said, “Bihari gang is indulging in misdeeds with the fear of loss in elections. Bihari Prasant Kishore is giving criminal advises to YSRCP. Jaganmohan Reddy is hatching cyber conspiracies. Narendra Modi and K Chandrasekhar Rao are providing aid and help to him. Jagan’s criminal mindset will not change. He became a big anarchist. All the leaders in YSRCP are hardcore criminals. Be it loot of ATMs, circulation of counterfeit notes, selling of spurious liquor – in all crimes, the invisible hand is that of YSRCP leaders only.”

Earlier on Sunday, after the Hyderabad Police raided the office of the mobile app developer, Naidu had claimed that this was done after YSRCP leader Vijay Sai Reddy had complained. He had also accused the opposition of stealing data.