Will CBI be responsible for loss of my life: Indrani

Mumbai: Defending her case at a special Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) court in Mumbai on Tuesday, accused Indrani Mukherjea asked if CBI would be held responsible in case she dies.

Mukherjea made the argument while court was hearing the third bail application filed by her on medical grounds. After hearing arguments of both sides, the court reserved its order in the case. Earlier, two of her bail applications have been rejected by the court.

Mukherjea in her argument said, “Will CBI be responsible for loss of my life? CBI has objected to the bail stating it does not have merit and is purposely done to delay the recording of evidence.it is my right to life.”

Stating the complications in her health condition, she added, “There are complications in my brain, facial paralysis, hypertension to hypotension, double vision and low pressure”
She also alleged that on several instances medical assistance was delayed, medicines were either forgotten or not made available in the jail.

The CBI in their reply objected to her bail application saying that they are also concerned about the well being of the accused as it is the duty of the state. They are not denying the health complications, but, some procedural delays happen, one has to follow the rules and regulations, the CBI said.

Contesting the case, the investigation agency’s lawyer added, “As per her discharge summary, no surgical intervention is needed and she is neurologically fit for discharge. At any instance of the summary, I did not come across that there is an immediate need for surgery and that is why I am asking the court to constitute a medical board from JJ Hospital or AIIMS, New Delhi, which will help understand the need for the same.”

Indrani however refuted the argument by claiming it to be a delay tactic and said, “As explained earlier, I am neurologically fit for discharge but I am not fit neurologically. JJ (hospital) is not a dumping ground. Even a patient suffering from cancer is discharged, he cannot be cured. There are two grounds of discharge, one is you don’t need medication anymore and the other is you cannot be cured. They are undermining the recent reports from JJ hospital and just to delay they are asking to form a medical board.”

Adding to which the CBI counsel said, “If bail is granted on medical grounds, then she will go for medical treatment which will clash with trial and adjournments will happen. We can use video conferencing through jail if she is treated in judicial custody. Till now no treatment has been denied by jail or JJ hospital. The procedural delays cited are bound to happen.”

Mukherjea has been lodged at Mumbai’s Byculla jail since her arrest in 2015 for her alleged role in her daughter’s murder case.