We will catch assailant soon: CP

Hyderabad City Commissioner of Police Mahender Reddy has said that they will catch the assailant, who fired at the KBS Managing Director Manmath Dalia, very soon. Mahender Reddy enquired about the incident while consoling Dalia, who was undergoing treatment at Care Hospital, here on Sunday.

Later, speaking to the media, Mahender Reddy said that assailant fired two rounds in Dalia’s flat. The assailant fired first at air and second one was towards Dalia’s legs. The CP suspected that the assailant would have come to rob the house. Clues teams were collected technical and scientific evidence from the spot. Mahender Reddy said that the assailant introduced himself to Dalia as a bank officer and later as a crime team police. The Dalia’s condition was out of danger. The firing took place at 12.30 pm and the firing was done by single person, CP said and made it clear that they catch him very soon.

According to the police, the assailant came to the apartment and asked watchman about bank MD. The watchman replied that there were no persons working with bank. Then assailant said that he will recognise the car of bank employee and showed the car to watchman. Then the watchman has taken the assailant to the flat where Dalia was living after speaking in intercom. Later, both Dalia and assailant spoke to each other for a while. The same watchman went to the flat when he heard the firing sound. By the time, assailant was gone away from the spot, they said.  (NSS)