“I will become King if necessary in next poll”: Gaddar

Making it clear that he will not leave the flag he was carrying till his aim was fulfilled, balladeer Gaddar said he would become a ‘King Maker’ and if need arises, he will become ‘King’ himself in the next elections.

Speaking to the media here on Wednesday, Gaddar said he left the party but did not throw his flag down. “In tune with the conditions, I came towards ‘Vote Revolution’. He said he will carry ‘stick’ in one hand and ‘vote slogan’ in second hand. He said the alliances would be there following the decision of United Association. He said, “The present Telangana was a geographical Telangana but not sacrifices’ Telangana. Only rulers changed in Telangana but not the rule”, he said.

Gaddar asked the majority BCs to think with political awareness. Criticizing the State government for continuing open-cast mining, he said it was not possible to ban the open-cast mining in Telangana. (NSS)