Will abandon the nuclear deal if required: Iran’s supremo

Tehran: Iran’s supremo Ayatullah Ali khamenei on Wednesday said that under the cicumstances and in the country’s national interest, his governemnt should be ready to ‘set aside’ the 2015 nuclear deal if needed.

In his cabinet meeting with his ministers, he said that “The JCPOA (nuclear deal) is not the objective, it is only a means,” Indian24news reported.

“Naturally, if we reach the conclusion that it is no longer maintaining our national interests, we will put it aside,” his webiste reported.

He added that Iran should continue talks with Europe who want to maintain ties despite US sanctions imposed on Iran and countries doing business with it.

He cautioned his governemnt saying despite attempts made by Europe, the Iranian government “must not pin hope on the Europeans for issues such as the JCPOA or the economy”. “We must examine their promises with scepticism,” he added.

He also added that Iran would not engage in any sort of talks with US despite Trumps offer of unconditional talks with Iran.

“(The Americans) want to say they can bring anyone, even the Islamic republic, to the negotiating table. “But as I have previously said in detail, no negotiations with them will take place,” Khamenei said.