Wildfire engulfs power plant in Turkey, prompts evacuation

Ankara: A thermal power plant in the southwestern Turkish province of Mugla was engulfed by a wildfire, prompting authorities to evacuate people in nearby towns.

Gendarmerie forces ordered the residents of several neighbourhoods in the Milas district to leave the area immediately, Xinhua news agency quoted local official as saying late Wednesday.

Media footage showed people trying to leave Oren, a small town, by their vehicles or other means they found through the highway.

The National Defence Ministry announced that citizens who gathered at the pier were evacuated and transported to safe areas with the landing ship of the Naval Forces Command.

The power plant area was completely cordoned off, according to press reports.

Wildfire engulfs power plant in Turkey, prompts evacuation
Fire near the power plant in Mugla province, Turkey (Twitter)

Mugla Mayor Osman Gurun confirmed that the fire has spread to the Kemerkoy Thermal Power Plant buildings, and all the explosive chemicals in the facility have been emptied.

“However, there is a risk of the fire spreading to thousands of tons of coal inside,” Gurun noted.

Massive wildfires that erupted eight days ago in Turkey’s southern and southwestern coastal towns destroyed a massive amount of land, killing at least eight people and several animals.