Video: Bahu poses as cop, landed in jail

Video: Bahu poses as cop, landed in jail

Ahmedabad: A 24-year-old imaginative housewife, who poses as cop just to earn respect of in-laws and hubby landed in jail after her script went awry.

According to reports Priyanka Patel, a resident of Halimni Khadki, in Shahpur did not want her husband to be controlling of her, and even she had a tiff earlier over his remark about male dominance being the order of the day.

In order to send across a message to the spouse, that she was as capable as him, she resorted to a Bollywood-style con job -got herself a Railway Protection Force uniform stitched when she had gone to her hometown in Madhya Pradesh.

Days before Priyanka told her husband and in-laws that she had been recruited as RPF constable, and asked her husband to drop her to Kalupur railway station every morning for duty, which he did unfailingly. S

According to TOI report, on Wednesday, too, Sanjay dropped Priyanka to the railway station. In the evening, when she was returning home, she encounter with two police constables Shivkumari and Urmila.

On seeing a new lady, the Police constable asked her details. Priyanka flustered with loss of words on asking where she had undergone her training. Sensing something wrong, the two women constables grilled her further and a nervous Priyanka spilled the beans. She told them that she was a housewife and was posing as a cop only to create a good image of herself in her husband’s family.

She has been booked her under Sections 170 and 171of the IPC. The cops produced her in the court where she was granted bail.