Wife divorces husband for not performing daily prayers

Manama: Five days after getting married, a woman in Saudi Arabia has found that her husband was not religiously-committed man, therefore divorced him.

As per Saudi news site Al Marsad, the woman was so annoyed with her husband who was not offering five times namaz regularly which is mandatory in Islam and filed for divorce.

The court accepted her plea and issued a decree in her favour and asked her to pay 55,000 Saudi Riyal to her husband, as reported in India.com.

Her decision becomes centre of storm on social media, netizens supported the woman’s decision while some are opposing it.

“Islam is very clear about the obligation of prayers,” Reem, an online user, said. “This woman obviously does not want to live with someone who is not fulfilling the requirements, and the best thing is to end the marriage at the earliest stage possible.”

For Faten, marriages should be built on high morals and commitments to Almighty’s way of life.

“Men are not married for their wealth or power, but rather for their morals and religious practices,” she said. “If she feels that her husband is not a practicing Muslim, then she should leave him because she cannot feel comfortable living with him, and that is what she did.”

Those who opposed the wife said she should not be so hurried and have been more thoughtful before asking for divorce.

“She should have been more patient and gradually convinced him to perform his prayers,” a user writing under the moniker of Scout said. “She has really rushed into a decision that is not necessarily the best option.”

The wife should have enquired about the man before accepting to marry him, another user said.

“This is really sad because it involves two families,” he said. “All this mess could have been avoided if the woman was aware of the man’s degree of commitment to religion before they got married. It is truly an awkward situation that could have and should have been avoided.”