UP: Wife carries Husband on back to get ‘disability-certificate’

Mathura: In a disheartening incident, a woman was seen carrying her differently-abled husband on her shoulders to obtain a disability certificate from the CMO office.

Vimala’s husband was a truck driver, who, due to some medical problems, had to get his leg amputated a few months ago. When she went to the CMO office to get her husband’s disability certificate made, Vimala was asked to get his photograph clicked.

Because of the lack of a tricycle, she was forced to carry her husband on her back.

“We have no access to a wheel-chair or a tricycle. We went to many different offices but still have not got the certificate,” Vimala told the media.

Talking about the incident, UP Minister Bhupendra Chaudhary told ANI, “It is a sad incident to happen in a civilised world. We will inspect the case and help accordingly.”