Why #SayNoToHalal is trending on Twitter?

Hyderabad: Indian netizens on Thursday intensified their campaign against halal certification. They started raising their objections over the certification by including #SayNoToHalal in their tweets.

Halal is a term used to declare that the product is allowed in Islam. If a food item is labeled as ‘halal’, it is consumable under Islam. Several Islamic counties too import meat that is ‘halal certified’.

However, some persons in India are against ‘halal certificate’ and term it as ‘parallel systems within the country’.

Earlier, a petition was also filed seeking direction to ban the slaughtering of animals by way of ‘halal’. It was filed by Akhand Bharat Morcha.

However, Supreme Court has refused to entertain such plea. The bench said, “Court cannot determine who can be vegetarian or non-vegetarian. Those who want to eat halal meat can eat halal meat. Those who want to eat Jhatka meat can eat Jhatka”.

Now, the Twitterati started raising objections over ‘halal’. Most of them are demanding a ban on the practice.

One of them wrote, “Why are we forced to eat halal food without our consent?”.  

Another Twitterati wrote, “If they can bring their religion into everything then why can’t we If you want to be atheist or secular, then be it both ways Otherwise get lost”.

Here are some of the tweets that are in favours of the ban on ‘halal’ practice.