Why parole for Sanjay Dutt, asks Abha Singh

Lucknow, Aug 26. : Supreme Court lawyer Abha Singh on Wednesaday questioned the Yerwada Jail authorities for granting 30 days parole to actor Sanjay Dutt for his daughter’s nose surgery.

“It is required to investigate that how did the divisional commissioner allow the parole of Sanjay Dutt. Why are they being so generous to him while being critical of other prisoners?” asked Singh.

“It is shocking and a travesty of justice that Sanjay Dutt has been given 30 days parole for a small surgery of his daughter, when they are so many convicts who have to go for major surgeries of their relatives and their application are not accepted,” she added.

Singh also pointed out that previously Sanjay Dutt has been given that parole and furlough of 111 days.

She further said that the prisoners of Arthur Road Jail and Yerawada Jail have filed petition in the Bombay High Court that there is no law being followed for the granting of bail to them in jails. (ANI)