Why is Muslim political party is silent on 12% reservation for Muslims – Jeevan Reddy

Hyderabad: Congress MLA of Jagtiyal and former Minister, Mr. T. Jeevan Reddy called on Mr. Amer Ali Khan, News Editor of Siasat Urdu Daily yesterday and extended full cooperation for the campaign launched by Siasat Urdu Daily for providing 12% reservation for Muslims. Mr. Reddy told that the CM of Telangana State, Mr. KCR is cheating the Muslims by not constituting BCs Commission to get its recommendation for providing 12% reservation for Muslims. He appealed to the people to vote for Congress candidate in Lok Sabha Constituency of Warangal. He further told that this campaign should have been launched by the political party which claims to be the champion of the Muslims. Mr. Reddy sought clarifications on the implementation of 12% reservation for Muslims and the legal complications. Mr. Amer Ali Khan explained the provisions in the constitutions of India and the implementation of reservations for Muslims in other states. He further told that it is not possible for the State Govt. to provide 12% reservation for Muslims without the formation of BCs Commission. He informed Mr. Reddy that Dr. Rajsekhara Reddy had provided 5% reservations to Muslims on the basis of the report of Minorities Commission but High Court cancelled it and advised the Govt. to provide reservations to Muslims after getting the recommendations from BCs Commission. After this admonition by the High Court, Congress Govt. of Dr. YSR rectified its mistake and provided 4% reservations to Muslims on the basis of the recommendations made by BCs Commission. Despite all the records, TRS Govt. constituted Sudheer Committee to cheat the Muslims. It only shows the lack of seriousness on the part of the Govt. Sudheer Committee has no jurisdiction to recommend reservation for Muslims. The court also does not accept the recommendation of Sudheer committee. CM of Telangana, Mr. KCR after passing a resolution in Assembly for providing 12% reservation for Muslims made an announcement that this resolution would be sent to Central Govt. By doing so, Mr. KCR proved that the TRS Govt. will never fulfill its election promise made to the Muslims for providing 12% reservation for Muslims.


It may be noted that RSS is reviewing the reservation policy for all the weaker sections. How can it accept the reservations for the Muslims?


Mr. Jeevan Reddy extended his support to Siasat Urdu Daily for the campaign launched by it for providing 12% reservation for Muslims. He also assured that this topic would be discussed in the by-election of Warangal Parliamentary constituency. He appealed to the people of Warangal and especially the Muslims to consider this by-election as the best opportunity to teach a lesson to TRS. He also appealed the to vote in favour of Congress candidate, Mr. Surve Satyanarayana.


Mr. Jeevan Reddy also congratulated Mr. Amer Ali Khan for the publication of Siasat English Weekly. He told that with this publication, non-Urdu knowing people would get information about the issues pertaining to Muslims. He expressed his anxiety over the issues Muslims are facing. He further mentioned that the economic condition of the Muslims got little better on account of employment opportunities created by the Middle East. He told that hundreds of Muslims from Kareem Nagar District are working in Gulf countries.


He said that he is very much impressed by the social service rendered by Mr. Zahid Ali Khan, Editor of Siasat Urdu Daily for the welfare of the community. He strongly condemned the communal elements for raising the issue of beef eating and the atmosphere of intolerance. He appealed to the people to promote Hindu-Muslim unity and Ganga Jamuna Civilizations. He also told the people that they should defeat the BJP candidate in Warangal to prove that they are against communalism. In the same manner, they should also defeat TRS candidate as a punishment for not fulfilling election promise of providing 12% reservation for Muslims. The success of Congress party in Warangal parliamentary election would be helpful in strengthening secularism. Mr. Reddy also told that after getting a jerk in Warangal election, TRS would come to consciousness and it would be forced to constituted BCs Commission to get its recommendations for providing 12% reservation for Muslims. He expressed his surprise that MIM is silent on the issue of 12% reservation for Muslims. Now the time has come for breaking the pride of all the parties.



–Siasat News