Why does PM never say ‘CPI(M) Mukt Bharat’, asks Rahul Gandhi

Koyilandy (Kerala): Attacking Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his ‘Congress Mukt Bharat’ jibe, Rahul Gandhi on Friday said the BJP leader seems to have issues only with the grand old party and not with the CPI(M).

“Wherever the Prime Minister goes, he keeps saying Congress Mukt Bharat (Congress Free India). When he gets up in the morning, he says Congress Mukt Bharat and when he goes to sleep he says ‘Congress Mukt Bharat’. Why does the PM never say ‘CPI(M) Mukt Bharat’?” Modi never says that.

“Somehow he does not have a problem with the Left front and has a problem with the Congress,” the Wayanad MP, who reached Kerala on the final phase of campaigning for the April 6 assembly polls, said at a meeting here.

While the Congress was a unifying force, the Left front was divisive, he said adding “wherever we go, we unify everybody. We are a unifying force. Wherever we go we identify everybody and unite them and make them strong”.

Taking on the RSS, he said they understand that the real threat to them comes from those who unite everybody.

“And they understand very well, just like them, the Left front is also a divider of society. The Left front is also an ideology of violence and anger. Congress never spreads anger or hatred and only unites”.

Any division will weaken the country and the state, he said, adding the Congress’ ideology is the belief that all Indians are equal and the country will progress only when it is united.

“This ideology has delivered development for many decades now and will continue to do so for many decades to come. Whatever progress you see in India today, whatever institutions you see today have all come out of the Congress ideology. The success of India so far has come as a result of the people of India and the Congress party”, he said.

Attacking the LDF for political violence in the state, he said the Left was time and again killing Congressmen.

“Congress workers will, however, never kill anyone. That’s the difference between us and them,” he said.

Reaching out to the fishing community, Gandhi said he understands their difficultiesand said the LDF government had “back stabbed” them, referring to the controversial Rs 5,000 crore MoU signed by the government with US based firm EMCC over deep sea fishing, against which the opposition had levelled serious charges.

The contract was later scrapped.

Pointing out that unemployment was one of the biggest problems in Kerala, he said the UDF intends to create a skill development platform to retrain youthinto an employable workforce.

“We come with intelligent solutions. We don’t look at Karl Marx’s book to find these solutions. We look to you to find these solutions. We appeal not to the intelligence of one man, but to the intelligence of the people of Kerala”, he said.