Why are Puktoons are raising slogans against Pakistan Army?

These days, a video is getting viral in which the sacrifices are being reflected. It seems that the material used is supplied by the army itself.

People in various cities are raising slogans “Behind terrorism, there is military uniform?”

There was a time when Puktoons were supposed to be part of Pakistan Army but today they are being labeled as the agents of India, US, and Israel.

The response of all these questions lies in “Love of US”

When skirmishes between Pakistan Army and Taliban continued from 2004 to 2009, Many Puktoons fled away. When the War ended, those who had fled away came back. At that time, Pakistan Army destroyed the farms, gardens, houses, mosques, and schools of Puktoons. Pakistan Army also conducted fake encounters against Puktoons.

Puktoon leaders allege that Pakistan Army is supporting Haqqani group and Puktoons have been left at the mercy of the terrorists.