Why Ali Banat had called cancer a gift?

Hafiz Javeed Usman Rabbani in this video says that the life of Ali Banat is a lesson and inspiration for us. Ali Banat was an Australian Muslim millionaire. At 29 years of age, he was already the owner of two very successful businesses and was earning endless riches. He was the sort of guy who showed off his wealth and riches on social media. His endless range of expensive watches, branded perfumes, fleet of sport cars and luxury lifestyle was no secret.

However, events took an unexpected and life changing turn for Ali Banat when he was diagnosed with stage 4 of a terminally spreading mouth cancer. He treated cancer as a gift and a blessing. Perhaps he was the first person on earth to say that cancer is a God’s gift for me. He had said the wealth has deviated him from God but the cancer brought him closer to Allah. He said Allah has given a chance to change. And he dedicated the last few years of his life for charitable causes and helping thousands of needy people around the world in many countries like Ghana, Africa, Togo and Ethiopia. He founded an organisation ‘Muslims Around The World’, also known as MATW.

Though he was diagnosed with cancer nearly 3 years ago, Ali Banat was told at the time he only had 7 months to live, Allah made him survive 3 years after diagnosis only so that he could make his life an example for others. Ali Banat died on May 29, 2018. He made his last 3 years of suffering turn into a life lesson for everyone to learn from.

We should all try to take inspiration from Ali Banat and try to please Allah and prepare for the life after death.