Who killed Pehlu Khan?

New Delhi: Pehlu Khan, aged 55, was a resident of Nuh District, Haryana. He was lynched on 1st April 2017 when he was transporting cattle in a van. He died in a government hospital on 3rd April 2017.

District Court of Alwar, Rajasthan pronounced judgment on 14th August 2019 exonerating all the six accused. Three other accused of the case are minors.

Mr. Akhtar Husain, advocate who is pleading Pehlu Khan’s case told that when Ravinder was passing through the street, he saw a mob lynching Pehlu Khan. He paused for a while and shot the video of the incident. He also admitted in the court that he had made the video but the judge did not accept it as evidence.

Irshad, Son of Pehlu Khan

The son of Pehlu Khan, Irshad is asking the question, “Who killed my father?”. The responsibility of responding this question lies not only on Alwar police but also on the Congress Govt. of Rajasthan led by Mr. Gehlot.

Irshad expected that the accused will be punished but the judgment surprised him. It is very strange that police failed to collect proper evidence.

He is now asking, “Did my father commit suicide?”

This is the question which remains to be answered. It is hoped that justice will be done if the case is taken to High Court.