White House says “no specific, credible threat” to US from IS

Washington: President Barack Obama has been briefed by his national security team that there is currently “no specific, credible threat” to the US from the dreaded ISIS terror group.

Obama yesterday convened a meeting of the National Security Council to discuss the response to recent terrorist attacks by ISIS, where he was briefed that “there is currently no specific, credible threat” to the US from the terror organisation.

Obama was briefed on the ways US can enhance its existing security and intelligence cooperation with partners, building on recent discussions at the G20 Summit in Antalya, the White House said in a statement yesterday.
“The President directed his national security team to continue to intensify ongoing efforts to degrade and destroy ISIL,” the White House said.

He also called for working with partners to increase military cooperation in the counter-ISIL campaign, disrupting foreign fighter networks, halting ISIL expansion outside of Syria and Iraq, and disrupting any ISIL external plotting efforts,” the statement said.

Obama emphasised that degrading and destroying the terror group will continue to require coordination and cooperation among a wide range of global partners, and the US is strongly committed to continuing to lead the shared efforts of the Global Coalition to Counter ISIL, the White House said.