Is White House chief of staff exiting?

Washington: White House chief of staff John Kelly will reportedly step down from his post, the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported on Thursday.

Kelly could resign early next week or after US President Donald Trump returns from his upcoming Europe trip.
Trump is scheduled to attend a NATO conference on July 11 and 12 in Brussels, followed by a trip to the United Kingdom on July 13.

He is then expected to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin for a summit in Helsinki, Finland on July 16.
The US President has reportedly spoken to his officials on Kelly’s replacement.

According to the WSJ, Mick Mulvaney, Office of Management and Budget Director, and Nick Ayers, who currently serves as chief of staff to US Vice President Mike Pence, are favourites to the post of White House chief of staff.

Ever since Kelly took over the post from his previous role as US Homeland Security secretary in July last year, he has reportedly had a “tense relationship” with Trump.

There have been previous instances where it was reported that Kelly was stepping down from his role.
According to multiple reports, Kelly reportedly has “limited influence” over Trump and both of them do not gel well.

On a related note, former national security advisor H.R. McMaster resigned in March this year, just days before the White House dismissed reports that he was on his way out. (ANI)