While the masajid have central position in Islam, their Imams get paltry income

During the past 10 years, salaries in all fields increased 100 pc but the salaries of Imams couldn’t exceed over 25 pc. This is because the imam is dependent upon the generosity of any of his followers (muqtadi). In the paltry income they earn, they are unable to make both ends meet. In this scenario, the question arises when the Imams will be given respect due to them?

The masjid holds a central position in the lives of Muslims hence all their affairs should be settled here only. In the times of Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) and his companions (raa), even the matters of non-Muslims were solved in the masajid itself. But unfortunately today we leave the masjid deserted soon after offering prayers. We need to understand the importance of masajid and its universality. When we understand the importance of masajid and their importance and universality, then only we can understand the importance of people serving in them.