Whether Sushma has wronged or not ‘depends on propriety,’ says Congress

New Delhi, Aug 6 : Congress leader Ambika Soni on Thursday said that External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj did write a letter to the UK Government for former IPL boss Lalit Modi as has been revealed, but whether or not she has wronged depends on propriety.

Responding to a question that Swaraj has refuted the allegations that she wrote the letter, Soni told ANI, “She did something. It was revealed that she wrote the letter. Now, whether she has wronged or not depends on propriety. Taking advantage of your post, you wrote a letter to England Government to let Lalit Modi travel on ‘humanitarian basis.’ So, there is a limit of humanitarian basis.”

“She didn’t give her statement in the absence of opposition. She gave the statement sans House’s Chair’s permission. Our protest is not regarding people’s stars or birth certificates. But the Foreign Ministry says that this letter was written without their permission to a foreign government, and that too for a person, who was given a letter for economic department’s violation,” she said.

Swaraj today said that all the accusations leveled against her over the Lalit Modi controversy are false and baseless; adding that she never asked the UK Government to help the former IPL chief.

Clarifying her actions, Swaraj said there was nothing wrong in helping Lalit Modi’s wife on ‘humanitarian grounds’.

The External Affairs Minister challenged the opposition to present at least one note, letter or email which showed that she asked the UK Government to present Lalit Modi with travel papers.

“I was hoping for a discussion to happen in both the Houses, but likeness of that happening wasn’t visible. Injustice is being done with me as I didn’t even get a chance to clarify or put forth my opinion,” Swaraj told the Lok Sabha.

“My friends, who used to love me and adore me, are sharply criticizing me and asking me to resign. Stars are probably not in my favour as those who have always supported me are demanding my resignation. Stars will turn,” she said. (ANI)